WELCOME TO CAR:Coordinated Avifaunal Roadcounts

Large and conspicuous birds offer the opportunity to monitor their populations by means of relatively simple techniques. One of these techniques is the "road count", in which observations are made from vehicles covering fixed routes. It is these large birds that are showing signs of threat due to loss of habitat through changes in land use, increases in crop agriculture and human population densities, poisoning as well as man-made structures like power lines. With the prospect of wind and solar farms to increase our use of renewable energy sources, monitoring of these species is most important.

Coordinated Avifaunal Roadcounts is a census of avifaunal species performed seasonly (Summer, Winter) by volunteer birdwatchers and is administered by the Animal Demography Unit.

Such a census is a good way to estimate population size, detect changes in population size or species diversity and determine the causes of the changes if environmental or habitat data is collected as well.

We at CAR use the "road count" technique to conduct this census which involves searching throughout a fixed area for a set amount of time and recording the number of birds seen.

We offer observers a platform to store and manage their roadcount data online. We also try to make the roadcount experience interesting by sharing interesting latest news and images and also encourage them to share their stories and experiences with us and other observers through our website.

Denham's Bustard
Grey Crowned Crane
Kori Bustard
Secretary Bird
Blue Korhaan
White Bellied Korhaan

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